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The ASHM Strategic Plan

Standard Content |
GPs; Nurses; Specialists; Allied Health; Prescribers; Government Policy; Students Trainees; Pharmaceutical Industry; Laboratory Testing; Research; Corrections Law Enforcement |
National; New Zealand; South East Asia; International |
ASHM's 2011-2014 Strategic Plan focuses on three key areas: supporting partnerships, delivering quality services, and leadership and performance.
  • The ASHM Strategic Plan outlines the strategic priorities of the organisation
  • ASHM produced its first strategic plan in 2000 and continues with this approach
  • The plans serve as a record of the society's aims and goals and our progress in achieving these

2015-2020 Strategic Plan

2011-2014 Strategic Plan 

2008-2011 Strategic Plan

2005-2008 Strategic Plan

2002-2005 Strategic Plan

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