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Partnership Program Application Form and Guidelines

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This program is designed to provide a framework within which ASHM can seek and/or receive financial assistance from third parties to carry out its objectives. It recognises that companies may have commercial interests in supporting particular activities as also recognises that companies may also have philanthropic interests. It is designed to be clear and transparent.

Ideally ASHM would like to get support from multiple sources. Where ASHM seeks support it will do so by approaching all companies equally, through putting its call for support on the website. Companies will be able to sign up to receive alerts when initiatives are added to the website. But ASHM recognises that companies may from time-to-time want to offer or initiate funding.

Details of the program can be found in the Policy.

Making and Application

An application must be made using the application form. The form is designed to give the Panel sufficient information to determine whether or not a proposal should be supported. The form can be completed by the applicant or ASHM secretariat staff member with whom the applicant has been discussing the initiative. Please send completed forms to

Relationship to ASHM Strategic Objectives

The objectives of ASHM can be found in the application form.

What is out-of-scope

ASHM will not seek or apply funding from interested parties to the Short Course in HIV Medicine or any other short course resulting in accreditation of s100 prescribers. Nor will it seek or apply funding from commercially interested parties to clinical guidelines. But it may seek partnerships from not-for-profit, government and professional organisations (such as colleges and specialist societies).

The role of the ASHM Partnership Panel

The Panel will approve and further develop the guidelines as a process of continuous quality improvement. Over time the Panel will develop standardised responses to common requests and these will be published on the website as guidance.

The Panel will determine whether or not activities should be taken on by ASHM. These decisions will be made as a group and may be made through email or other remote decision making. In the case of dispute or disagreement the group will attempt to come to consensus. The Chair will have the deciding vote. The panel may reject a proposal, support a proposal in full or request modification to a proposal.

The Panel will develop and maintain a set of standard forms of acknowledgement of funding and support see attachment 3. The panel will select the form of acknowledgement which is to be used in respect of each activity. Each activity will also need to display on any printed, transmitted or projected material a statement as to the nature of the ASHM Partnership Program.

Advertising and promotion

The nature of the event will determine the most appropriate form of advertising. As the professional society partner, ASHM will be the final arbiter on who can be invited to a given event.

ASHM is developing its organisational member program. This allows for related industries, including pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies to become members of ASHM and to offer their staff affiliate status. This provides said staff with the benefits of membership by way of access to email alerts and information but not access to decision making. Affiliate cannot move or second motions or vote at the annual general meeting and cannot stand for election.

Activities funded under the ASHM Partnership Program will be promoted to all Organisational Members who will be invited to send one of their staff or members. In the case of clinical activities, this may be limited as a function of capacity and/or attendees from pharmaceutical or diagnostics companies may be invited to attend on a fee for service basis.

Participation of the funder in the funded activity

The Panel is currently undecided about whether there should be a restriction on the participation of the funder in the funded activity. Clearly if the Organisational Members are invited then the funder must be able to attend. But the number of representative of the funder would need to be limited.

The Panel will continue to deliberate on this issue and consider its options. It may be that an individual assessment will be required in regard to each application, and the Panel may not be able to a blanket response to this issue. It will also review practice with any funded activity and consider feedback from participants and potential funders.

Use of the logo

The ASHM Partnership Program Logo should be used on all activities supported under the ASHM Partnership Program. It is differentiated from the regular ASHM logo in colour and form and should remain distinct.

Allocation of CME Points

Any activity funded under the ASHM Partnership Program will need to be separately adjudicated for the allocation of HIV and HCV prescriber points. This will be done as a regular application to the points program where it will be treated the same as any other application.

ASHM secretariat staff may also apply for CME recognition from other sources and this will be done as part of the funded activity and included in the budget if required.


Each activity must be evaluated and the results of the evaluation will be provided to the funder, the faculty, other contributors and presenters, participants and the Panel.

The Panel will specifically in the case of activities funded by interested parties require the inclusion of questions about the perceived influence of the funder and/or other industry personnel. The evaluation will go to the issue of influence and independence and include questions about the perception of ASHM participation in such activities. The Panel will use this feedback to assist itself in future deliberations and decision making.

ASHM Partnership Program Evaluation

The ASHM Partnership Program will be reviewed on an ongoing basis by the by the panel and a report on its establishment will be provided to the ASHM Board at its face-to-face planning day in 2013. The Program will then be reviewed the following year with a view to reporting to the Board at its 2014 face-to-face planning day.

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