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Partnership Program Appendices

Appendix 1

Objects (from the ASHM Constitution)

(a) The Company is a charitable institution and a health promotion charity. The Objects of the Company are:

(i) to provide support and representation to health care providers in the areas of HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections;

(ii) to reduce the impact of HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections by supporting, promoting and facilitating workforce development to ensure the delivery of optimal care;

(iii) to foster education for health professionals and the general public through the provision of higher and vocational education courses (and any other continuing education courses) which encourage free intellectual inquiry;

(iv) to facilitate, foster and advance scientific practice and research;

(v) to facilitate liaison between and across disciplines to support a partnership approach to dealing with, managing and preventing these conditions, particularly, but not limited to:

(A) clinical and laboratory practitioners;

(B) specialist and generalist care providers;

(C) service providers and policy makers; and

(D) promoting multidisciplinary approaches;

(vi) to promote informed public discussion of issues related to HIV and viral hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections and related conditions;

(vii) to liaise with other national or international bodies whose objects are similar to those of the Company;

(viii) to assist those involved in health care provision in developing countries to achieve these objects and, in particular, to undertake development and/or aid activities in relation to those objectives in those countries;

(ix) to attempt to meet any other needs of the Members and the members of the community, through the provision of education, training and support and from participating in the sector

(x) to operate an overseas aid fund (called the "ASHM International Aid Fund"); and

(xi) anything ancillary to the Objects set out in clauses 5.1(a) – (x).

Appendix 2

Codes of Conduct


ACFID Code of Conduct (October 2010)


ASHM Staff Code of Conduct

ASHM Representative Code of Conduct

ASHM Child Protection Policy

 NHMRC in conjunction with ARC

Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research

 Medicines Australia

Medicines Australia Code of Conduct Edition 16

Medicines Australia Code of Conduct Guidelines Version 2 (AUGUST 2011)
to be read in conjunction with Code of Conduct edition 16


RACP Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct for the RACGP Council

RACGP Code of Conduct for college representatives and appointees to faculty boards, college committees and other advisory bodies

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