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    Viral Hepatitis Mentoring Program

    • ASHM invites all health professions working the area of viral hepatitis to be part of its Mentoring Program – a continuing professional development program that aims to strengthen collaborations between tertiary and primary care (mentors and mentees) through one-to-one relationships, and to enhance patient-centered continuity of care.
    • This program has been developed in response to feedback from GPs and specialists linked with the Viral Hepatitis Community Prescriber Programs.
    • ASHM will continue to roll-out the launch of this program in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, and Queensland in 2017.
    • Visit the website for frequently asked questions
    • Register your interest now via or call Beni Falemaka on (02) 82040739

    What is it? 

    A professional relationship in which an experienced viral hepatitis clinician and a GP working with patients with viral hepatitis share knowledge, answer questions and offer clinical advice and support.

    Why do it?

    • Strengthen collaboration between tertiary and primary care
    • Enhance and support patient-centered continuity of care
    • Further develop skills in communication, giving feedback and sharing best practice
    • Pass on personal knowledge, insight and experience
    • Stay in touch with emerging issues in viral hepatitis
    • Gain access to one-on-one support
    • Be involved in the development of a community of practice based on mutual support and respect
    • Make use of a framework for discussing complex cases

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