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Making a New Hepatitis B Diagnosis


  • ASHM produces a range of practical resources to support GPs when making a new hepatitis B diagnosis.
  • Guidance on hepatitis B testing and vaccination, informed consent and conveying a positive result is available.
  • Information on ongoing management of chronic hepatitis B and resources to support patients are also provided.

Hepatitis B testing, diagnosis and management can be a complex area of primary care. 

ASHM produces a range of practical resources to support GPs at the time of diagnosis, covering

  • Indications for testing
  • Informed consent
  • Conveying a positive hepatitis B test result
  • Vaccination
  • Ongoing management of chronic hepatitis B
  • Support for patients

Resources for General Practitioners


HepBHelp is an independent website which aims to assist GPs in the further investigation and management of patients diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B.

HepBHelp was developed by VIDRL, in partnership with Cancer Council Victoria. This initiative was developed in recognition of the increasing burden of hepatitis B related liver cancer in Australia.​​​


Hepatitis B and Primary Care Providers

This 12-page booklet outlines hepatitis B virus and provides advice on the important role primary care providers can play in vaccination, diagnosis, management and treatment.

Decision-making in Hepatitis B

This two-page quick reference card provides an overview of the natural history of chronic hepatitis B and can be used when making decisions about hepatitis B management and treatment.

B Positive (2nd Edition) - all you wanted to know about hepatitis B - a guide for primary care providers

This manual provides a comprehensive summary of currently available knowledge and practice, reiterating the key role of primary care practitioners in the diagnosis, care and management of people living with chronic hepatitis B.

It is intended to be used as a desktop resource by practitioners who require information to direct management or answer questions from patients living with CHB. It covers testing, interpretation of serology, initial assessment, ongoing monitoring, treatment and complex management situations such as pregnancy and advanced liver disease. There is also a website of B Positive.

The Hepatitis B Story​

An educational tool developed and produced by St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne. It is designed for health workers to use in a discussion about chronic hepatitis B with clients/patients who have low health literacy levels and are newly diagnosed. Patient resources are also available in Vietnamese, Cantonese and Mandarin and video animations​ are available online in a variety of languages.


National Hepatitis B Testing Policy and Testing Portal

The Testing Policy defines appropriate hepatitis B testing pathways using currently available technologies. It is relevant for all health professionals ordering and interpreting tests for hepatitis B. It is not intended to be a resource for people with or at risk of hepatitis B. Key areas of the policy relevant to GPs include:

​This GPMP enables GPs to plan and coordinate the health care of patients with chronic hepatitis B using the Chronic Disease Management GP services items on the Medicare Benefits Schedule (Medicare items 721 and 723). ​


This 2014 review was overseen by an expert reference group comprised of general practitioners, nurses, and specialists, including epidemiology, immunology, hepatology, and gastroenterology.

Download the entire handbook or download individual chapters, or oder a hardcopy.

Preventing Liver Cancer through Diagnosis and Management of Hepatitis B

Preventing liver cancer through diagnosis and management of hepatitis B

This four-part module discusses the role general practitioners can play in the diagnosis and management of hepatitis B. The module can be accessed through RACGP's GP Learning. ​

Duration: Four 15-minute modules (1 hour)

CPD: approved for 2 Category 2 RACGP QI&CPD point​


List of ASHM Trained Hepatitis B s100 Prescribers

Effective March 2015, here are the lists of prescribers for:

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Resources for Newly Diagnosed Individuals

​​Hepatitis B factsheet for people newly diagnosed (English)

This resource has been written for people who have received a positive hepatitis B test result. It provides a basic overview of hepatitis B and information around disclosure, management, preventing the spread of infection and useful websites. It was developed in collaboration with Cancer Council NSW. It is also available in 12 community languages: Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, Dari, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Khmer, Korean, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese.


Hepatitis B: It's Family Business

A hepatitis B resource developed specifically for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds produced by Multicultural HIV and Hepatitis Service, NSW. Available in Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian, Khmer, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and plain English, this booklet covers basic information about hepatitis B, consequences of chronic infection, transmission, testing, treatment, prevention and relevant services. Order hard copies here.​

The hepatitis B story

This booklet produced by St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne explains hepatitis B in plain language using engaging images. Patient resources are available in English, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Karen, Arabic, Burmese and Dari and video animations are available online in a variety of languages.

​​Hepatitis B – What you need to know

Produced by the Hepatitis Council of Queensland and Hepatitis Australia, this brochure provides simple informative answers to the frequently asked questions about hepatitis B. It is also available in Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese.

​​​Information about hepatitis B

Produced by the Gastroenterological Society of Australia, this four-page leaflet provides information about hepatitis B transmission and vaccination, plus treatment and monitoring techniques.

Hepatitis Australia

Hepatitis Australia is the peak community organisation for viral hepatitis. There are eight state and territory-based hepatitis organisations that form part of Hepatitis Australia.​

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