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Prescriber Resources


  • To become a Community Prescriber, GPs must meet several accreditation criteria. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in hepatitis B is an important part of the program.
  • ASHM administers the Hepatitis B Community s100 Prescriber Program for GPs in NSW, ACT, NT and SA.
  • ​There are a range of ASHM resources to support Hepatitis B Community s100 Prescribers.

This page contains specific resources for use by medical practitioners participating in the Hepatitis B Community Prescriber Program

HBV Prescriber Information Sheets:

Information sheets are produced by ASHM when there are changes or additions to the program, or to inform you of other activities relevant to the sector and HBV s100 prescribing.

Pro forma: Initiation of patient on treatment

The pro forma document is designed to support GPs new to initiating treatment for hepatitis B. The document is a prerequisite for the first five patients HBV s100 Community Prescribers decide to start on antiviral treatment. Linking specialists will review the document and initiation work-up to confirm that the decision to start treatment is appropriate at that time.

Pro forma: Guidelines

This guide contains information on the use of the pro forma document for use by HBV s100 Community Prescribers.

Video tutorial: Prescribing using streamlined authority codes  ​

This 8 minute video tutorial uses Best Practice medical software as an example and provides guidance on how to produce a prescription using streamlined codes for hepatitis B treatment.

Guidebook: Prescriber Manual

This guide contains information about the training, accreditation, and maintenance for community prescribers of s100 hepatitis B (HBV) antiviral drugs for the jurisdictions where ASHM has a formal accreditation arrangement with the respective health departments.

Flowchart: Hepatitis B Decision-Making Tool

A two-page decision support tool for hepatitis B diagnosis and management.

Template: General Practice Management Plan: Chronic Hepatitis B

This is an editable, downloadable template for a GP management plan.

Article: Hepatitis B serology

Published in the Australian Family Physician ‘Tests and results’ series in 2012, this article provides information on test indications, what to tell the patient, what the test can and cannot tell you, and interpretation of results.


HepBHelp is a website that aims to assist Australian GPs in the further investigation and management of patients diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B virus infection. The website has been developed by staff of the Hepatitis B Program, Epidemiology Unit, Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory (now known as the Doherty Institute).

Website: National Hepatitis B Testing Policy

This national policy, developed by an Expert Reference Committee, defines appropriate diagnostic testing pathways using currently available technologies. It is relevant for all health professionals ordering and interpreting tests for hepatitis B.​

Health department policy directives:





Accreditation of Community Prescribers - Highly Specialised Drugs for HIV, Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C


​Accreditation and Continual Professional Development of Community Prescribers of Highly Specialised Drugs for the Treatment of HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Policy

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