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Public Training

When & Where

Community Wellness Centre

Thursday Island QLD

March 15, 2017

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM



Hepatitis B s100 Prescriber Course

Hepatitis B |
1 Day Course |
ASHM Members; GPs |

This interactive workshop will give community-based medical practitioners, including GP’s and Senior Medical Officers, the tools with which to confidently diagnose, treat and manage hepatitis B. As rates of hepatitis B increase there is a need for Doctors to undertake these roles in the primary care setting.



For more information, please click here to download the course flyer

Timely diagnosis and clinical management of hepatitis B, including antiviral therapy, can save lives. Without access to appropriate care, around 15-25% of people living with chronic hepatitis B will die from their condition, including more than 1,400 Australians who die each year from liver cancer.

This interactive workshop involves; online learning modules, in-depth presentations, case discussions, and facilitated group work giving attendees an opportunity to discuss practical strategies with peers and specialists.

Conditions of registration:

Registration Cancellations:

Registration cancellations and amendments must be notified in writing to ASHM. Cancellations received before 8 March 2017 will not incur a cancellation fee. Cancellations received in writing after 8 March 2017 will incur a $70 per day cancellation fee. This fee may be waived in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of ASHM.


As an alternative to cancellation, your registration may be transferred to another person without incurring any penalty. ASHM must be advised of the transfer in writing. Please email the name, position, phone and email address of the new delegate to

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