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  • ​​​​​​​​Check our careers page regularly for exciting opportunities at ASHM and within the HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health sector.
  • Let us help you find the right person for the job. Send sector-related opportunities to us for ​listing on this page.

Working at ASHM

When you join the ASHM team, you'll be joining a diverse group of individuals committed to supporting the HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health workforce. 

Our staff members enjoy access to generous salary packaging, leave loading, 10% superannuation, TOIL (time off in lieu) provisions and flexible working arrangements.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and our recruitment process reflects this.  All applicants are required to submit a statement against the selection criteria and selections are made on the basis of merit.

In applying for a role, you will provide us with personal information that is subject to the Privacy Act.  Read our Recruitment Privacy Statement to learn more.

We are committed to providing a fair, equitable and non-judgemental work environment and pride ourselves on the diversity of our workforce.  We strongly encourage Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people​s, culturally and linguistically diverse groups, and people living with HIV/HCV and related diseases to apply for opportunities.

Visit our staff page for more about our team, or to find out more about working at ASHM contact our HR Manager on 02 8204 0703 or at​​

Posting a job

We understand it can be difficult to find the right person for the job, which is why we're happy to help.

If you have a current position vacant within the HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health sector simply download and save this form, fill in the details and email it to ASHM's HR Manager.  We will then add it to this page and let you know when your listing is live.​

 Current Career Opportunities



AFAO - Finance Manager, Bangkok,-Bangkok.aspxAFAO - Finance Manager, BangkokAFAO - Finance ManagerGP0|#569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b;L0|#0569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b|Job;GTSet|#48fc36ff-f241-4a97-8906-dc332a2c106eAFAO - Finance Manager22/01/2017 12:00:00 PM
AFAO - Finance Officer (part-time), Bangkok,-Bangkok.aspxAFAO - Finance Officer (part-time), BangkokAFAO - Finance Officer (part-time)GP0|#569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b;L0|#0569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b|Job;GTSet|#48fc36ff-f241-4a97-8906-dc332a2c106eAFAO22/01/2017 12:00:00 PM
AFAO - Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, Bangkok,-Bangkok.aspxAFAO - Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, BangkokAFAO - Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, BangkokGP0|#569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b;L0|#0569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b|Job;GTSet|#48fc36ff-f241-4a97-8906-dc332a2c106eAFAO22/01/2017 12:00:00 PM
AFAO - Program Officer, Bangkok,-Bangkok.aspxAFAO - Program Officer, BangkokAFAO - Program Officer, BangkokGP0|#569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b;L0|#0569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b|Job;GTSet|#48fc36ff-f241-4a97-8906-dc332a2c106eAFAO22/01/2017 12:00:00 PM
AFAO - HIV Financing Technical Advisor, Bangkok,-Bangkok.aspxAFAO - HIV Financing Technical Advisor, BangkokAFAO - HIV Financing Technical Advisor, BangkokGP0|#569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b;L0|#0569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b|Job;GTSet|#48fc36ff-f241-4a97-8906-dc332a2c106eAFAO22/01/2017 12:00:00 PM
ASHM - IT Support Officer (Operations) - IT Support Officer (Operations)ASHM - IT Support Officer (Operations)GP0|#569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b;L0|#0569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b|Job;GTSet|#48fc36ff-f241-4a97-8906-dc332a2c106e$36,636 - $47,531ASHM26/01/2017 11:00:00 PM
UNSW - Research Administrative Assistant - Research Administrative AssistantUNSW - Research Administrative AssistantGP0|#569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b;L0|#0569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b|Job;GTSet|#48fc36ff-f241-4a97-8906-dc332a2c106e$69,000 - $78,00 per annumUNSW - Faculty of Medicine27/01/2017 12:00:00 PM
NSW Government Health - Health Manager Government Health - Health ManagerNSW Government Health - Health ManagerGP0|#569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b;L0|#0569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b|Job;GTSet|#48fc36ff-f241-4a97-8906-dc332a2c106eNSW Government Health South Eastern Sydney Local Health District29/01/2017 12:00:00 PM
UNSW - Research Fellow - Research FellowUNSW - Research FellowGP0|#569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b;L0|#0569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b|Job;GTSet|#48fc36ff-f241-4a97-8906-dc332a2c106eLevel B $98,000-$116,000 per annumUNSW - Faculty of Medicine30/01/2017 12:00:00 PM
ASHM - Project Officer (HIV/Sexual Health) - Project Officer (HIV/Sexual Health)ASHM - Project Officer (HIV/Sexual Health)GP0|#569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b;L0|#0569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b|Job;GTSet|#48fc36ff-f241-4a97-8906-dc332a2c106eASHM1/02/2017 12:00:00 PM
AIVL - Chief Executive - Chief ExecutiveAIVL - Chief ExecutiveGP0|#569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b;L0|#0569c673f-939b-49f5-8fd2-430354ca598b|Job;GTSet|#48fc36ff-f241-4a97-8906-dc332a2c106ePackage $95,000-$110,000 pa plus salary sacrificing optionsAIVL17/02/2017 12:00:00 PM

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